Signia hearing aids with SPEECH: relaxed hearing for a relaxed day

The SPEECH in Signia hearing aids allow effortless hearing in everyday situations, even in demanding listening environments.

“Would you like another cup of coffee?” A typical question of the spouse someone with a hearing impairment could easily miss during a typical noisy family breakfast. In the background, the radio presenter is giving an update on the latest traffic situation, the children are acting up at the table, the partner is flicking through the daily paper and rustling the pages, and the dishwasher is busy swishing at full-volume. Signia hearing aids help to separate the relevant information from insignificant noises in this challenging acoustic environment. The spouse is detected as the relevant speech source and her/his question is singled out effectively.


The SPEECH technology not only helps starting to the morning more relaxed, but makes hearing easier throughout the day. A chat with the neighbor on the way to work at the loud train station is just as effortless as the conversation with the colleague in the busy open-plan office or in the noisy canteen. The technology precisely senses and analyzes the acoustic environment and acts on it. All distracting sounds become less intensive, while the dominant speaker’s voice is automatically elevated above others. This significantly reduces the listening effort for people with hearing impairment.