Enjoy music in all its diversity – despite hearing impairment

Music enriches our lives – even those with hearing impairment do not have to miss out. Thanks to the latest technology, wearers of Signia hearing aids benefit from special programs that ensure music always sounds its best, whether at a concert or at home.

Experience music anew

From an early age, music was Robert’s* great passion. Whether it was festivals or club concerts – in his twenties it took him from one concert to another at the weekend. Between the concerts there were loud music evenings spent in the shared apartment or touring clubs. He supplemented his tight student budget by working as a DJ. But at some point in his thirties, music became more and more muted and muffled. The many excessively loud evenings had taken their toll on his hearing. And with the first hearing aids, he lost his enjoyment of music for the first time: although he could hear everything around him better again, such as the voices of his conversation partners, music still sounded flat, sometimes even distorted. Completely different from before. His new Signia hearing aids have changed all that: as his hearing care professional explained to him, they feature special sound technology that allows music to sound sonorous and voluminous without interruption at the touch of a button. Robert is planning to try it out at a concert with his wife this evening. On the way to work, he also takes time to enjoy another advantage of his hearing aids: thanks to “easyTek”, his hearing aids can be connected wirelessly to his smart phone and he can listen to his favorite music on the train without the need for additional headphones.


Enjoy concerts to the fullest

Robert actually prefers loud rock music, but his wife loves classical concerts. And because Robert loves her, he has bought tickets for the symphony concert at the philharmonic hall this evening. Admittedly, he quite enjoys getting dressed up and taking his wife out. And now he himself also takes pleasure in the complex compositions and the multi-layered structure of classical music However, it will be different this evening: unlike during normal, everyday life when his hearing aids help him to understand the voice of his conversation partner clearly and distinctly, he can now focus on the music at the touch of a button. Just before the orchestra plays the first bar, Robert activates the “HD music program” and selects the “Live Music” setting. And actually, although the people around him are constantly leaning in to talk to one another, Robert hears the orchestra’s music in clear, detail-rich, HD quality. In the interval, Robert and his wife treat themselves to a glass of Champagne and chat in the large concert hall foyer. “A wonderful concert”, says Robert.


The right program for every type of music

It is not only at concerts that Robert has come to appreciate the sound technology of his hearing aids. At home, he now once again takes any opportunity to play his favorite albums when his wife and children are out. For this, he selects the HD music program called “Recorded Music” and he can fully enjoy the Carlos Santana guitar solo in perfect HD quality. And since he has his Signia hearing aids, he even picks up his own guitar and plays along with the boys in the band. Because for musicians with hearing impairments – and there are quite a few – there is a special “Musician” setting, which enables them to concentrate fully on their own performance and ensure they play at the correct volume. This evening, he is back performing with his band for the first time in a very long time. His children are coming too – they get their passion for music from him.
*We invented Robert Maier for story telling reasons but all situations depicted could occur as explained in real life.