Effortless hearing throughout the day - with Signia hearing aids

Hearing without strain

Hearing is a complex process and is hard work for the brain. This is particularly the case if you suffer from a hearing impairment. Everything we hear has to be constantly evaluated to separate the relevant from the unimportant. The more sounds accompany a sentence the harder it is to understand it. A high level of hearing strain can cause stress symptoms to appear: you feel tired and drained, and may find it hard to concentrate. However, Signia hearing aids with its innovative technology are able to single out the target speaker from ambient noise to such an extent that listening effort is significantly reduced. This has been clinically proven*.


Effortlessly follow every conversation

Many daily situations can present enormous challenges for those with hearing impairment. Background noises make it more difficult to follow your conversation partner. The busy family breakfast, a conversation at a noisy train station, talking with colleagues in the canteen or chatting in a street café. These are exactly the sort of challenging hearing situations in which the SpeechMaster can demonstrate its strengths. The speaker of interest is accurately localized and singled out from the interfering sounds in the environment. It doesn’t matter whether your conversation partner is standing directly in front of you, next to you or is sitting further down the table with other people: the voice of your conversation partner is always clear and distinct.


A whole new music experience

Often the radio is only on in the background and should remain inconspicuous. However, anyone who goes to a concert, listens to their favourite CD at home or plays an instrument wants to be able to fully concentrate on the music. Therefore, dedicated programs adjusts the hearing aid settings. This is important because compared to speech, music has larger variations in signal frequency and level characteristics. The HD Music programs in Signia hearing aids are uniquely designed to enrich the sound quality of music, whether it is live, heard through a stereo system, or when performing by oneself.


Make phone calls with ease

Whether professional or personal: nowadays, the phone is a constant companion. Challenging noisy environments, such as an open-plan office or the street outside, or even perhaps strong winds, can make it more difficult to understand what your conversation partner is saying. The TwinPhone function considerably facilitates phone calls. As soon as a Signia hearing aid detects that a phone is nearby, the feature automatically switches to the phone program. The phone signal is then not only heard in the ear next to the phone receiver, but also transferred to the contralateral aid. This ensures a high level of speech understanding, even in noisy environments. Phone calls become even easier with the Siemens easyTek™ accessory. It transfers the sound from Bluetooth-enabled phones directly into the Signia hearing aids and offers a hands-free solution. It can also transmit the sound of a ringing telephone – you will never miss another phone call.


Easy listening even in reverberant rooms

Besides noisy public places, locations with reverberation make it harder to understand speech. Rooms with hard surfaces such as bare walls or marble floors reflect more sound and cause more reverberation than rooms with carpet, drapes or furniture which absorb sound waves. Unpleasant and distracting sound reflections not only occur in places in which you may only spend a short while, such as large foyers or entrance halls, but often in training rooms and classrooms as well. The EchoShield function in Signia hearing aids reduces these negative effects in environments in which you need to pay particular attention to what is being heard. The speech signals are made clear and crisp, reducing listening effort to the wearer.



High performance, low energy consumption

Top technology and energy efficiency are not mutually exclusive. Despite the high-performance chip and complex functions, including wireless transmission technology, intelligent processes make all Signia hearing aids highly energy efficient and thus save batteries.


*Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.